WRDTC Student Research Seminars – hosted by the Leeds Social Sciences Institute

bAmy Hunter (Health and Wellbeing Pathway, University of Leeds), hcaeh@leeds.ac.uk 

The Leeds Social Sciences Institute, in conjunction with WRDTC, ran a successful seminar series led by a multidisciplinary committee of postgraduate students from the University of Leeds. Nick Hutcheon (Sociology Pathway), Amy Hunter (Health & Wellbeing Pathway), Gisela Oliveira (Education Pathway), Lea Pilsner (Politics and International Relations Pathway) and Linda Xu (Linguistics and Languages Pathway) organised six events, held at Leeds, which were attended by PhD students from all three WRDTC universities.

P1000792The series was designed to allow speakers to improve their presentation skills, in an informal atmosphere. This struck a chord with many postgraduate research students across the WRDTC network, and the response to the call for papers was high. Abstracts were received from students from many different disciplines. A mix of methodological and research findings-based presentations were given, allowing the audience an interesting overview of different projects. Presentations included ‘Examining the role of self-disgust in depression among cancer patients. A quantitative investigation’, ‘Conducting elite interviews in politicised policy areas’ and ‘An analysis of the effect of work-related training on mental health status’.

Committee member Nick, commented that “Being part of the organising committee for this year’s LSSI Seminar Series has been an enjoyable experience. As a team we worked together very effectively and we are all extremely satisfied with the end results. We were particularly pleased with the enthusiasm the participants brought to each seminar and the readiness of PhD students from each of the White Rose universities to get involved. The sessions were conducted in a professional but supportive environment, with intellectually stimulating presentations followed by lively discussion and constructive audience feedback. Gladly, the series has met its objectives and the consensus is that it has been extremely worthwhile for all concerned.”

It is hoped that a similar series will be repeated.