The White Rose DTP

The White Rose Social Sciences Doctoral Training Partnership, accredited by the Economic and Social Research Council in 2016, is a collaboration across the social sciences at the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield, York, Bradford, Sheffield Hallam, Hull, and Manchester Metropolitan.

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By combining the experience of the White Rose Universities (Leeds, Sheffield, and York) previously involved in the White Rose Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) with the new partners (Bradford, Sheffield Hallam, Hull, and Manchester Metropolitan), WRDTP will deliver excellent supervision, first class discipline and cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and transferable skills training, and a world-class intellectual environment for postgraduate research students. It will enable PhD students to participate in local, national and international networks of non-academic partners, opinion formers, policy makers, as well as leading academics.

The WRDTP aims to produce doctoral graduates with outstanding skills and flexibility, with the imagination to tackle the thorniest challenges confronting the social sciences.

The WRDTP Training Programme

The seven Universities of WRDTP offer 3 and 4 year programmes of full-time study leading to the award of a PhD (part-time versions of both are also available). PhD students are based within the Department of their primary supervisor, and in addition to one-to-one support with their supervisory team, are able to access a range of training provided by their Departments, Schools, Faculties, their University, and the White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership (drawing on a network of Universities within the region). This ensures that the PhD study not only involves detailed, original research in an area of social science, but also provides doctoral students with wider skills and methods training that support them in the transition to employment within a postdoctoral research position, either within academia or beyond.

The 4-year PhD programmes, called 1+3, combine comprehensive research training in social sciences with the pursuit of an original research topic. The first year of these programmes is provided through an MA Social Research framework. This introduces students to research design, quantitative and qualitative methods, develops their professional skills, and allows them to take specialist and advanced subject-based courses in the field of their research topics. Students then work on their own research projects, alongside ongoing advanced training which is undertaken across the period of their doctoral studies.

The 3-year PhD programmes, called +3, are aimed at students who already have significant social science research experience. They are able to extend their existing training by taking modules in four key areas:

  • Discipline-based training: provides a high-level understanding of academic debates in their field, and a supportive research environment in which to develop PhD topics
  • Professional skills for research leadership: develops experience of how academic work is funded, published and translated into practical use beyond the university
  • Advanced research methods: provides exposure to cutting-edge methods that support students’ own projects and their future research ambitions
  • Interdisciplinary working: enables students to articulate how their PhDs contribute to wider societal challenges through work within one of the seven thematic pathways of the White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership.

Our individual Universities and Departments should be consulted for the range of doctoral provision that they offer.

As a member of the DTP you will also:

  • be part of a vibrant and growing community of social science researchers
  • discover that it is easier to link and network with academics and student researchers both from within your discipline and beyond
  • be offered a range of broad based training opportunities
  • have increased access to training courses throughout the UK.

See here for the WRDTP Pathway Training Statements


Each of the training pathways offers a variety of opportunities for students to get involved in for example: research seminars given by invited guests, attend advanced training courses, short course, day schools, summer schools and network with other students.

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The DTP offers a comprehensive set of core, subject-specific and advanced training at each of the partner Universities.

In addition, career development and transferable skills training is offered by the Researcher Development Units at each University.

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White Rose DTP Branding/Visual Identity

The White Rose DTP is developing branding templates for documents and posters.

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WRDTP Newsletter: DTP Matters

Published quarterly, the White Rose Social Sciences DTP newsletter: DTP Matters keeps staff and students up-to-date with the latest developments. In addition to news about WRDTC’s activities, the newsletter features articles on Events, Training and Development Opportunities, Pathway News, ESRC News and Opportunities.

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