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Session Materials – Advanced Quantitative Methods Taster Event 26 January 2017

February 1, 2017

The SMI (Sheffield Methods Institute) in collaboration with the ESRC White Rose Doctoral Training Centre held an Advanced Quantitative Methods Taster Event, chaired by Professor Gwilym Pryce on 26 January 2017 at the University of Sheffield.

The aim of this half day event was to provide an introduction to a range of advanced quantitative methods and analytical techniques that are commonly used in social science.  It gave participants the opportunity to identify methods relevant to their own research.

Over 90 doctoral researchers attended from the White Rose DTC universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York.

Presentations from the event can be accessed below:

Session 1 Cluster Methods – Nema Dean

Session 2 Structural Equation Modelling – Todd Hartman

Session 3 Multi-level Modelling – Andrew Bell

Session 4 Social Network Analysis – Nema Dean

Session 5 Quantitative Text Analysis – Petar Milin

Session 6 Multi Agent Stochastic Simulation – Darren Robinson

Session 7 Spatial Analysis & Training Schedule – Gwilym Price

Audio from the event can be accessed below:

Morning Sessions

Afternoon Sessions