Meet the people at White Rose DTP

Student representatives are members of the Academic Quality Committee and attend the monthly meetings.

Their role aims to improve the training of WR DTP students, through representing the views of students at  the AQC.


  • Gather feedback from other WR DTP students in their institution
  • Attend Academic Quality Committee (AQC) meetings on a rotational basis to provide student representation for their institution
  • Inform other WR DTP students in their institution of the decisions made at AQC meetings
  • Raise awareness among students of issues discussed at the AQC meetings


  • The unique opportunity to influence decision making in the WR DTP
  • The chance to meet key WR DTP staff and student representatives from other WR DTP institutions
  • An in depth understanding of how the governance of the WR DTP works

Mostafa Attia, University of Leeds

Mostafa Attia, University of Leeds

Mostafa Attia is a disabled Egyptian student studying in his third year at the School of Sociology and Social Policy at Leeds University. His research focusses around the Egyptian revolution, global development and disability politics in Egypt. The research aims to understand how the events and consequences of the Egyptian revolution, as well the newly established SDGs, can pave the way to have more solid inclusive policies for the benefit of disabled Egyptians. Alongside this, he is working as a teaching assistant for the third year across five modules in the School of Sociology.

In 2009, he obtained his MA degree in disability studies at the University of Leeds. He has participated at several academic conferences during his studies to present his research findings, e.g. the fifth and sixth Alter conferences for the European Society for Disability, Stockholm and Lausanne. At the professional level, he worked with many policy making organisations in Egypt, such as an expert board member of the National Council for Disability Affairs (2012-2015) as well as taking consultancy work with many international organisations, local NGOs and Disabled People Organisations. He is currently selected to be WRDTC representative for Leeds University.

Marion Oveson, University of Sheffield

Marion Oveson, University of Sheffield

I am a french-american 1+3 student currently in my first year in the department of Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Sheffield. I’ve lived in England for 6 years now and enjoy it very much- so much so that I married a Sheffielder! My interests lie in learning more about the purpose of the university, its role within its city, how ‘impact’ is used as a research evaluative marker and how this then translates on the ground for ‘real’ people, and how engaged learning fits into all of this. I am passionate about making a difference both as a result of my research and also during the programme and look forward to being a student rep.

I have a Masters degree in Human Geography from the U of Sheffield and a dual Bachelor’s degree in International Studies & Romance Languages. I was a student rep for my Masters degree and have been trained as a community organiser, so I understand the importance of listening and of collective power.