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The Management Group is part of the formal governance of the DTP.

The Management Group (MG) agrees and oversees the strategic priorities of the DTP (in the context of the institutions’ and ESRC’s strategic plans) and oversee the implementation of ESRC’s guidance on the distribution of studentships, the establishment of new programmes etc in line with its original objectives.

In terms of the overall strategic direction, the MG:

  • focuses on encouraging and embedding collaboration
  • initiates the development of interdisciplinary programmes
  • maximises the quality of provision
  • encourage the spread of good practice.

The MG is responsible for ensuring the output targets of the DTP are met.  The MG ensures partner views are sought and considered in reaching decisions and reviews and approves all necessary processes for the efficient and effective conduct of the DTP.

Professor Doug Cleaver, Sheffield Hallam University

Professor Doug Cleaver, Sheffield Hallam University

DJCDoug Cleaver (BSc Bristol, PhD Bristol) is Professor of Materials Modelling and founding Director of the Doctoral School at Sheffield Hallam University. He has an extensive research career, having used a range of simulation approaches to investigate soft-matter and ordered-fluid systems, and has undertaken projects with companies including Unilever, HP and Seiko-EPSON.

Through these he has supervised over 20 Doctorates to completion and been awarded the Hilsum Medal of the British Liquid Crystal Society. Having taught and assessed at all levels since joining SHU in 1994, he has led the University’s Doctoral School since 2014.

He has served on the steering committees of several professional bodies in (e.g. groups of the IoP and RSC) and is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the UK Council for Graduate Education.

Tel: 0114 225 3055