WRDTC Company Internship Report 

Rachel Huxleyr.huxley (Environment and Sustainability Pathway, University of Leeds) recently completed an internship with organisation C40, which deals with climate change in cities. Rachel had the opportunity to work on two projects: ‘Unlocking the potential for urban climate action’, and ‘Demonstrating the co-benefits of urban climate action’. Rachel has commented on her experience, reporting that:

“The support and opportunity provided by C40 has met and exceeded my original aims and expectations. I have been involved in research that is highly relevant to my PhD and that has given me much greater insight into the global picture of city ambition and action.

In particular the qualitative research undertaken with cities has given me hugely valuable insights at a global level of how cities are tackling climate and sustainable issues, including examples of international best practice.

The research has given me an excellent understanding of global city priorities that will be invaluable to my PhD research, enabling me to ground the research firmly in the challenges and needs of cities.”

Rachel is planning to present the findings from her internship projects to the Sustainability Research Institute in Leeds and the Sustainable Cities PhD Network. She is also continuing to work with C40 for two days a week. 


ESRC-funded PGRs can apply to the WRDTC for funding under the Company Internship Scheme (see WRDTC Administration Guide). 

Other PGRs at Leeds can work with local organisation through the ESRC Impact Acceleration Fund, administrated by the Leeds Social Sciences Institute. 

A PhD Student Internship Scheme is also available at Sheffield. 

PGRs in York are eligible to apply for part-time opportunities offered by the Student Internship Bureau.