White Rose DTC PhD researcher in the News

On 19th February 2015, the Financial Times reported on research from Sheffield PGR Scott Lavery, on the comparatively smaller number of public sector job losses in London and the Southeast. Scott explains that:

Brief10-public-sector-employment-across-UK-since-financial-crisisThe research shows that between 2008 and 2013, public sector job losses have fallen disproportionately on the North of England and devolved nations of the UK whilst London has seen the size of its public sector relatively protected. However, London’s private sector continues to grow approximately twice as fast as the UK average. This shows that arguments which attempt to justify austerity on the grounds that public sector jobs ‘crowd out’ an expansion of the private sector just doesn’t hold any water. Instead, we need to recognize that public sector employment can be complimentary to – rather than in conflict with – the goal of developing a sustainable economic model for the UK.

A full brief on the research project is also available here.

Scott’s PhD research focuses on the uneven development of the UK economy under New Labour and in the post-crisis period, focusing in particular on the changing composition of labour markets in the ex-industrial regions and their relationship to the UK’s debt-led growth model.

A blog post discussing the outcomes of the Researchers in Development Network (RiDNet) 3rd Annual Conference has been published on the London School of Economics Impact of Social Sciences blog page.

The conference was held at the University of Leeds in November 2014 and was titled ‘ Does research make a difference in development: Bridging the gaps between research, policy and practice’. The conference was supported by the White Rose DTC through the Interdisciplinary Network Funding Scheme.

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