Real Research in the Social Sciences: Design, Fieldwork and Dissemination

White Rose DTC Seminars: ‘Real Research in the Social Sciences: Design, Fieldwork and Dissemination’, 22nd May 2015, University of Sheffield 

Thanks to Robin Morris for providing the information below 

A WRDTC PGR-led seminar series was organised at the University of Sheffield and took place on 22nd May 2015. A total of 22 PhD researchers attended on the day from across all three institutions. An hour at the end of the day was dedicated to a ‘Research Surgery’, which was designed to facilitate a discussion between those attending about some of the more common problems that they faced or they were expecting to face in their fieldwork.

James HeydonJames Heydon, a second-year PhD researchers from the University of Sheffield (Socio-legal Pathway), presented his research on the day. James said about the event: 

The WRDTC event, Real Research in the Social Sciences, provided an inclusive environment in which to discuss a variety of challenges and successes with regard to a range of different research projects. Acting as a forum through which multiple researchers from different areas could discuss methodological issues, the organisers created a supportive and encouraging environment through which the challenges of research could be explored, evaluated and subsequently reflected upon. In light of this, the event has allowed me to develop the methodological aspects of my own work in directions that I would not have otherwise considered. I would recommend attendance to all future researchers in the social sciences.