Your feedback at the WR DTC Induction event – 9th October, Leeds Town Hall

Thank you to everyone at the WR DTC Induction Event who worked together to provide feedback during the breakout sessions coordinated by the student reps!

IMG_5160_smallerWe received (literally) hundreds of helpful comments and suggestions on a multi-coloured assortment of ‘post it’ notes. With a fine tooth comb, we have now gone through all of them. There are a few main themes/ideas that have emerged from your feedback. These are not only points for us to work on in conjunction with the Academic Quality Committee, but also things for you to discuss and address with your respective pathway groups. We would like to present them to you now and, where possible, provide links to relevant information.

Best wishes for the 2014/15 academic year,

Your student representatives

Robin Morris (University of Sheffield)

Marianne Hvistendahl Allday (University of Leeds)

David O’Reilly (University of York)

Comments and Suggestions

Training/Skill/Needs Related

Your comments here ranged from specific suggestions for things like qualitative/quantitative methods training, help with presentation skills and media training, to advice about connecting with policy makers. The current programme of WR DTC training events is available at Please email for training related suggestions and enquiries.

Events/Conferences/Meetings Related

There were a large number of events/conferences and meeting related comments and suggestions. While some of the suggestions pointed to the need for events geared towards connecting students (and academics) from the same field, others expressed a wish for more interdisciplinary focused gatherings. Formal or informal, small or large, wider DTC or pathway specific, the WR DTC aim to provide and facilitate conferences, events and meetings that cover things that matter to you. The 2014/2015 programme of events is regularly updated, keep in touch here or on Twitter

Networking/Communication Related

A key theme in your feedback was networking and communication. A large number of you suggested a DTC wide directory/database of student contacts to make it easier to connect with people working in a similar field. Other suggestions included discussion boards, special interest groups and ways in which pathways can facilitate networking and communication. Many of these suggestions can be implemented quite easily at the pathway level so make sure you are connected to your group. For a full list of contacts please see the Pathways page on the DTC website.

Publishing Related

IMG_5094_smallerIn addition to publishing opportunities and advice on how to get published, you expressed a wish to improve the sharing of ‘hot off the press’ published research. It is likely that your pathway will already be doing this in one way or another, if not, set up a group to exchange relevant publications!

Resources/Access Related

Comments ranged from requests for better, more efficient use of shared equipment to the suggestion for free interlibrary loans. The WRDTC aim to provide resources and access related support for all students (ESRC funded and non-funded). Keep in touch with News on the WRDTC website and come along to the Open Scholarship Event on 11 December (details coming soon!) to find out more.

Impact/Opportunities and External Organisations

We received a lot of great suggestions about ways in which we can help you make an impact and connect with external organisations. This year’s spring conference on ‘Impact through engagement’ was a huge success and we aim to keep this momentum going throughout 2014/15. Keep up to date on relevant information through the News section of the DTC website.