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DTC Matters Issue No16. December 2016

November 22, 2016


Welcome to the sixteenth edition of the White Rose Social Sciences DTC newsletter; “DTC Matters”.

The White Rose Doctoral Training Centre was launched in November 2011. Read more

This newsletter is issued quarterly and includes NEWS AND EVENTS, TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES, PATHWAY NEWS, ESRC NEWS and FEEDBACK ON FEEDBACK. If you would like to submit an article for a future edition of DTC Matters or provide feedback on any of the featured articles, go to ‘News’ and click ‘New Article +’ button


WRDTC Welcome Event 2016

The Welcome Event for new WRDTC PhD researchers took place at the University of York on 6 October 2016.

Take a look at the post event webpage which includes, presentations, posters and photos from the day.

WRDTC Welcome Event – Research Exchange

Delegates at WRDTC events have the opportunity to post messages on a ‘Research Exchange’ board, and offer or search for particular skills, research participants, academic collaborations, etc.

Below are some of the messages left by conference attendees on the Research Exchange board at the WRDTC Welcome Event on 6 October. Outside of events, messages can be posted on the PGR Forum section of the WRDTC website.

  • Leon is looking to join or create a reading group/research club to discuss or exchange information on:
  • Urban issues
  • Public spaces
  • Urban inequality
  • Traditional retail markets

Contact: gylftc@leeds.ac.uk

  • Leon is also looking to swap skills around qualitative research, ethnographic techniques (interviewing, participant observation) and studying social representations and urban issues. Contact: gylftc@leeds.ac.uk
  • Laura is looking for someone interested in or researching antisocial behaviour from a sociological point of view. Contact: lcastilloeito1@sheffield.ac.uk
  • Anna is searching for someone who has an interest and expertise in team working and its effect on innovation. Contact: Plotnikova@leeds.ac.uk

PGR Forum
The PGR Forum on the WRDTC website is an online platform allowing PhD researchers at Leeds, Sheffield and York to keep in touch with each other, advertise events and opportunities, share achievements, ask questions and discuss their research interests. The forum also has areas dedicated to each Pathway. Sign up now and start a conversation!

WRDTC Annual Conference: Save the Date!
The next WRDTC conference will take place on 29 June 2017 at the University of Sheffield. The conference will feature presentations from WRTDC PhD researchers, and a call for abstracts will be issued prior to the event to select speakers.

You can find information about last year’s conference here.

PhotosNew Academic Quality Committee Members
Milena Buchs (Environment and Sustainability Pathway) and Dan Coffey have now joined the WRDTC’s Academic Quality Committee as representatives from the University of Leeds. They will replace Hugh Dyer and Jouni Paavola. The WRDTC welcomes Milena and Dan, and thanks Hugh and Jouni for their contribution over the years.

Management and Business, Accounting and Finance and Work Psychology Pathway Conference: Doctoral Presentation Prize
Aleksandra Irnazarow (Management and Business, Accounting and Finance and Work Psychology Pathway, University of Leeds) was one of the joint winners of the Tom Lupton prize: Doctoral Oral Presentation at the July 2016 Management and Business, Accounting and Finance and Work Psychology Pathway Conference. The prize is sponsored by the Society of Advancement of Management Studies Journal of Management. Aleksandra also wrote about her research on a blog post she wrote for the Research and Innovation blog of Leeds University Business School.  Read Aleksandra’s post here.


Aleksandra Irnazarow receives the Tom Lupton prize from Sir Alan Langlands, Vice Chancellor of the University of Leeds, for her presentation at the July 2016 WRDTC Management and Business Pathway Conference

 WRDTC PhD Researcher wins Research Prize
PhD researcher Laura Requena Casado (Economics Pathway, University of Sheffield) recently received the second prize for the María Jesús San Segundo Award at the Spanish Asociación de Economía de la Educación (AEDE).

The prize is for the best research paper presented by a either a PhD or post-doctoral researcher. The title of Laura’s research paper was Tuition Fees rises in the UK: Effect on degree choices. More information about Laura’s research and her prize can be found here.

How creating a buzz around your research can lead to further opportunities
Doctoral researcher Wasim Ahmed (Science and Technology Studies Pathway, University of Sheffield) has been actively sharing his research through posting blogs for the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (LSE) Impact blog. As well as contributing to community driven hashtags such as #PhDChat which is used by PhD students, and the #NSMNSS hashtag which is used by the wider social media research community.


Wasim pictured left for the CIET conference in Split, Croatia, and on the right in Westminster, London at the DWP offices.

Due to Wasim’s positive profile within the wider social media research community as an emerging scholar tackling the practicalities of social media research he has been invited to a number of events. In June, 2016 Wasim was an invited speaker to the CIET (Contemporary Issues in Economy and Technology conference which was hosted in Split, Croatia speaking to a global top 100 company. Wasim was also an invited speaker to a research seminar held at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Government Offices, in Westminster, London in August 2016.

RCUK Policy Internship Success for WRDTC Doctoral Researchers
We are delighted to announce that two of our White Rose DTC doctoral researchers have been offered internships hosted by the Government Office for Science following a Research Council Policy Internships Scheme call.

Neda Nobari is researching Preventative Counterterrorism Policing: Impact of Community Engagement on Public Cooperation at the University of Leeds and has secured a 3 month internship with the Home Office.

Rose Wastling is a postgraduate research student investigating visual memory at the University of Leeds and has secured a 3 month internship with the Cabinet Office.

Interdisciplinary Research Network for Economists (IRNEP) Conference, 3-4 October 2016, University of York

WRDTC PhD researchers Matthew Robson and Ieva Skarda (both in the Economics Pathway, University of York) were involved in the organisation of the second IRNEP PhD conference. The conference took place at the University of York on the 3rd and 4th of October 2016. The aim of the conference was to merge the disciplines of economics and philosophy, in order to provoke alternate points of view and interesting discussions.

Attendees, who were philosophy and economics PhD researchers from across the UK, presented their research on topics of interest to both disciplines. Alongside this, a poster session was ran and four guest speakers – Professor Bertil TungoddenProfessor Catriona McKinnon, Professor Mozaffar Qizilbash and Mr John Bone – gave presentations. Amongst the topics presented were: Risk, Present Bias and Preferences; Egalitarianism; Redistribution, Development and Compassion; and Value. Further information can be found at our conference website.

The conference is central to the Interdisciplinary Research Network for Economists (IRNEP); which is a network set up to encourage interdisciplinary research between Economists and Philosophers. The founding ethos is that both disciplines can learn from one another, and being able to successfully integrate ideas, methods and criticisms from either will only enrich the work that is done. The network was founded, and is ran, by PhD students, and is continuing to grow. This conference was our second, with our first at the University of Reading, and we will be running another conference next year. If you are interested in the network, or the conferences, please send an email to irnepconference@gmail.com.

Narrating Policy: Exploring narrative in policy and policy analysis, 16 January 2017, University of Leeds
WRDTC PhD researchers James Beresford and Ashley Bullard (both in the Social Policy Pathway, University of Leeds) are organising a one day symposium bringing together researchers and policy practitioners to examine the potential for the intersecting of narrative and policy analysis. All information, including a call for papers with a deadline of 25 November, can be found on this page.

British Library Open Days
The British Library Open Days are a chance for PhD researchers to discover the British Library’s unique research materials. From newspapers to maps, datasets to manuscripts, ships’ logs to websites, the Library’s collections cover a wide range of formats and languages spanning the last 3,000 years. Doctoral Open Days are designed to explain the practicalities of using the Library and its services, plus help you navigate its physical and online collections. As well as hearing from an expert and friendly staff, PhD researchers will have the opportunity to meet other researchers in all disciplines. Each day concentrates on a different aspect of the Library’s collections and most take an inter-disciplinary approach. The Social Sciences Open Day will take place on 30 January 2017.

For further details of all Open Days and how to book please see the British Library’s website.


WRDTC Advanced Training
Some Advanced Quantitative Methods training session will take place at the University of Sheffield soon:

Introduction to R: data wrangling and visualisation, 23 November 2016

Statistical Analysis of Networks using R packages, 13 December 2016

AQM: Longitudinal analysis – the importance of age, period and cohort effects, 15 December 2016

AQM: Introduction to Structural Equation Modelling (Using R), 14 February 2017

More sessions on different methods will be added throughout the year, so make sure you keep an eye on emails from the WRDTC, and on the WRDTC website and Twitter account.

Open Scholarship and Research Data Management for Doctoral Researchers, 15 December 2016, University of Leeds
The WRDTC will host an event focusing on Open Scholarship and Research Data Management on 15 December 2016 at the University of Leeds. Presentations and workshops from expert library staff will take place alongside presentations from researchers, including recent PhD graduates, about their relationship with Data Management and Open Access. Visit the WRDTC website for more information and follow the instructions to book your place.

WR DTC Student-led Interdisciplinary Networks

Find out more about Interdisciplinary Network Funding.

York Policy Review

York Policy
The York Policy Review is set to launch its first Special Issue – on the topic of Mental Capacity – this November.

Guest edited by Gillian Loomes (Sociology Pathway, University of York), this Special Issue addresses key issues, debates and challenges posed by the Mental Capacity Act 2005 in relation to a broad and exciting range of issues in social policy. It features key empirical contributions from practitioner-researchers as well as significant methodological and policy analysis features from both undergraduate and doctoral research students. The Special Issue will be of real interest to researchers working within the framework of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 across sociological, legal, socio-legal, health and social policy, and social work oriented fields, and to practitioners for whom the Act informs, shapes and sometimes challenges their everyday practice.

The York Policy Review is the UK’s first graduate online journal focused on Social Policy. Run by students for students, the journal was launched with three guiding principles in mind: (i) that graduate students studying social policy issues have a valuable contribution to make to public and academic debate, (ii) that their evidence and ideas should be made openly accessible to as many people as possible, and (iii) that social policy issues deserve their own explicit focus in a dedicated journal.

The Special Issue will be launched on 21 November 2016, along with blogs by the guest-editor on the highlights and challenges of producing the Special Issue, and by one of the contributing authors on the experience of academic-practitioner collaboration.

More information, and online (open access) versions of the journal articles and related content can be found at yorkpolicyreview.co.uk

You can also follow the journal, including the launch of the Special Issue and its impact on Twitter at @YorkPolReview

Critical Race and Ethnicities Network

CREN Conference 2016, University of Sheffield, 21 October 2016
The 2016 CREN conference focused on Intersectional Interventions: Connecting oppression anywhere to oppression everywhere

The aim of the conference was to think critically about how multiple and intersecting forms of oppression call for multivalent, intersectional and creative responses, as part of the move towards “dismantling the master’s house”.

CAPWhite Rose Network for Interdisciplinary Approaches to Politics
CIAP 2016 – Conference for Interdisciplinary Approaches to Politics, 20-21 October 2016, University of Leeds
CIAP2016: Emotions in Politics and International Relations took place in Leeds on 20-21 October 2016, and attracted over 90 attendees from all over the UK. WRDTC PhD researchers from the Politics and International Relations Pathway Yuri van Hoef, Alex Prior, Joshua Hobbs (University of Leeds) and Audrey Dugué-Nevers (University of Sheffield) were members of the organising committee. You can read a full report by Yuri van Hoef here.

PARLAY Conference, 2 September 2016, University of York

Delegates of ParlayDelegates of Parlay 2016

The PARLAY 2016 Conference welcomed delegates from across the UK and abroad, as well as from various disciplines from the Humanities. Speakers discussed topics from literary translation to theory on slurs and stereotypes to language teaching, as well as investigating a variety of languages and dialects such as different Arabic dialects, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and different English dialects. Our plenary speakers for this year’s PARLAY meeting, the fourth in the series, were Dr Emma Moore (University of Sheffield) and Dr Richard Ogden (University of York). We enjoyed an informative and friendly environment that allowed postgraduates to learn and share with each other and consider new perspectives on language.


Emma Moore and Richard Ogden presenting at PARLAY 2016

Thanks to Salina Cuddy and Maria-Margarita Makri for the information and pictures.

ridRiDNet – Researchers in Development Network
5th Annual RiDNet Conference: “I, Researcher: exploring the research experience – context, self and interdisciplinary practice”, 27 January 2017, University of Leeds
The Call for Papers for the next RiDNet conference is now open, with a closing date of 2 December 2016, and will focus on the experience of conducting research through three themes – Context, Self and Interdisciplinary Practice. More information can be found here.


Communications and Media Studies Pathway

Digital Methods for Social Science Workshop, 24 May 2016, University of Leeds
In this Pathway workshop, Chris Birchall and Heather Ford from the School of Media and Communication at the University of Leeds introduced participants to the study of social questions using digital methods tools, techniques and research principles to study the web and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Grounded in a critical understanding of the strengths and limitations of digital methods, the workshop enabled participants to move through a series of research steps including data extraction and analysis in the context of a critical, reflexive framework. Although a single day was too short a time to engage deeply with these methods, the aim was to equip participants with the confidence to initiate further learning on their own after the event and to do so in critical, reflexive ways.

Linguistics and Language Studies Pathway

‘Is linguistics an empirical science?’, 14-15 June 2016, University of York
About 30 members of the Linguistics and Language Studies Pathway, from all three universities, attended this workshop in York. Three talks were delivered: Márton Sóskuthy (York), ‘A statistician’s little shop of horrors’, Cecile de Cat (Leeds), ‘Grammaticality judgments as an empirical basis for syntax research’ and Dagmar Divjak (Sheffield), ‘Four challenges for usage-based linguistics’.

The talks were followed by small-group discussions, and a dinner was organised for the end of the first day.

‘Software carpentry for language research workshop’, 16-17 June 2016, RUniversity of Leeds
The workshop was aimed at research students and other researchers who have data they want to analyse, and did not necessarily have prior computational experience. This hands-on workshop taught basic concepts, skills and tools for working more effectively with data. It covered data organisation, cleaning, analysis, visualisation and publishing in R; managing text and code with Git & Github and an introduction to the command line shell.

Science and Technology Studies Pathway

Building Interdisciplinary Analysis and Capacity: the UoYSTS Roundtable, 6 July 2016, University of York
This Workshop, supported by the University of York’s Research Office, brought together members of the University of York Science, Technology and Society (UoYSTS) network which was established in 2015, with doctoral students and staff on the White Rose Science and Technology Studies Pathway. In addition, members of a European network, ‘Navigating Knowledge Landscapes’ related to the use of social media attended. Guests from senior university staff were also invited, as were regional members of the Association for Studies In Innovation Science and Technology (AsSIST-UK). Stakeholders from the York region attended as potential user-collaborators.

The primary purpose of the event was to develop new research capacity, collaborative interdisciplinary links and plans for future funding. The focus for the meeting was on the four themes of metrics, governance and policy, innovation and temporality. A report on the meeting can be found here.

Psychology Pathway

Autumn White Rose Postgraduate Research Conference, 29 September 2016, University of Leeds
By Penn Smith (Psychology Pathway, University of Leeds)

This year’s Autumn White Rose Psychology Postgraduate Research Conference was successfully hosted by the University of Leeds. There was an interesting and dynamic array of presentations and posters from many areas of psychology in the University of Leeds. The key note speaker was Dr Kate Muir, a Research Fellow from the University of Bath, who discussed her PhD experiences as a student at the University of Leeds and shared her current research on Communication Accommodation Theory. It was also a pleasure to welcome a speaker from the University of Sheffield and attendees from other White Rose Universities. Best presentation was awarded to Emmanuel Nii-Boye Quarshie and best poster to Emily Oxley (both from the University of Leeds).

Socio-legal Studies Pathway

Law and Social Justice Seminar Series, University of Leeds

sociolegalSeminars in this series are open to attendees from York and Sheffield.

This is an annual PGR-led ‘Law and Social Justice’ seminar series, organised by PGR members of the Centre for Law and Social Justice within the School of Law, University of Leeds. Every year, the seminar series invites up and coming speakers and researchers who focus on new and innovative approaches to methodology and interdisciplinary research that consider the relationship between law and social justice. Although rooted in law and regulation, the research explored by the series is strictly interdisciplinary, and so many speakers have been from other disciplines, and the seminars always involve interdisciplinary discussion centred around the questions to be asked about the pursuit of social justice within society. The seminars provide a unique opportunity for scholars to not only hear about exciting new research taking place, but also engage with speakers and other researchers in an informal and interactive discussion, which is a particularly useful opportunity for PGRs and early career researchers.

Funding is available to each Pathway for the organisation of PGR-led events – if you want to host or suggest an event, please contact your Pathway leader.

Please see the Events page on the WRDTC website for more events – also do not forget to follow the WRDTC on Twitter, and keep an eye on emails from your School/department.


 ESRC Festival of Social Science

 This year’s ESRC Festival of Social Science took place from 5 to 12 November, with events being held across the UK. A list of events in Yorkshire and the North East can be found on the ESRC website at this link.

ESRCESRC Writing Competition (ESRC-funded students only)
‘Making Sense of Society’

Are you an ESRC-funded student, or have you been in the past four years? Are you keen to communicate your research to a wider audience? Then the ESRC writing competition, in partnership with SAGE Publishing, is for you.

We want you to tell us about how your research is making sense of society, and why your research matters. Your article should be based on your PhD research. It should not be a general overview of the topic.

The winner will receive £1,000 cash prize. Two runners-up will receive £500 cash prize each. All shortlisted entrants, including the winner and runners-up, will receive a SAGE master class on ‘how to get published’ and their articles will be published in print and online.

They will also be invited to the awards ceremony which will take place in London in March 2017.

 The deadline to enter the competition is 30 November 2016. All details can be found on the ESRC website.

 ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize (ESRC-funded researchers only)

celebrating impact
Now in its fifth year, the ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize is now open for applications. It aims to “recognise and reward the successes of ESRC-affiliated researchers and other ESRC associates who have achieved, or are currently achieving, outstanding economic or societal impacts”. ESRC-funded PhD researchers can apply to the Outstanding Early Career Prize. The deadline to participate is 1 December 2016 – further information can be found here.

Coming Soon…

WRDTC Conference, 29 June 2017, University of Sheffield.

Please check www.wrdtc.ac.uk to keep up to date with WRDTC news and events.