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2012-13 Demographic Change and Future Challenges Network

Society in Britain is changing at an ever increasing speed and these social and demographic changes are some of the biggest issues faced by academics and policy makers today. This Network investigates some of the key issues effecting the British population: Pensions and an ageing population, immigration and an increasing population, tensions between multicultural populations, tax and welfare reform, the unequal geographic distribution of public sector employment and unemployment.   Dr Dan Vickers

Academic lead: Dan Vickers (University of Sheffield)




The Changing Nature and Extent of Ethnic and Social Segregation within British Cities

Dan Vickers (Sheffield)

Simon Parker (York)

Geographical , Social and Area Type Mobility:  Trajectories of Selective Sorting Over Time by Health Status and Ethnic Group

Paul Norman (Leeds)

Dimitris Ballas (Sheffield)

Silver Cities:  The Ageing Population of the Urban North

Rowland Atkinson (York)

John Stillwell (Leeds)